Introducing Space Prairie

See video above: Introducing Space Prairie (Act I epilogue) by Wes Brooks. (2 min.)

Hi there, I’m Wes. The entire film, both Act I and Act II, is already shot. We filmed it way back, mostly in the summer of 2015 on dozens of video cassettes with an ensemble of dear friends. I’ve been editing ever since. (Look close and you’ll see steam coming out of my ears.) If you enjoyed Act I, thank you dearly. It means a lot that you’ve seen it after a decade of work.

Now, if you really enjoyed the film, and you’d like to see the total fulfillment of our Space Prairie tale, hop over to and consider making a donation to help spur these characters through their glorious adventure toward the beautiful destinies already prepared for them. Again, it’s all been shot, and it’s just a matter of clicking away at what is nearly finished. Phew, it all takes time… I learned that the hard way.

Ever since I began writing as a teenager way back in 2013, it’s all been for the verve and the joy of giving you a uniquely expressive cinematic experience—on a less-than-shoestring budget, but with an exceedingly sincere love of life and creative wonder.

See the film:


A traveling taxman lands on a prairie world colonized by a cantankerous pioneer farmer. They quarrel over money matters until their affections for the Angus family daughter leads to a brawl. Meanwhile, two heavy-hearted settlers sight a troubling anomaly in the starry skies above their prairie home.

Filmed on dozens of video cassettes, Space Prairie began on paper in April of 2013 and was mostly filmed in the summer of 2015 by an ensemble of high schoolers in the Midwest, involving fifty days of principal photography followed by a gargantuan post-production. A decade in the making.

Please consider making a donation as a ‘Thank You’ for your digital seat. A donation of any amount will go toward the cost of Act I, encouraging the completion of Act II.