Space Prairie: Act I

Synopsis— A traveling taxman lands on a prairie world colonized by a cantankerous pioneer farmer. They quarrel over money matters until their affections for the Angus family daughter leads to a brawl. Meanwhile, two heavy-hearted settlers sight a troubling anomaly in the starry skies above their prairie home.

Filmed on dozens of video cassettes, Space Prairie was authored in April of 2013 and filmed predominately in the summer of 2015 by an ensemble of high schoolers in the Midwest — fifty days of principal photography followed by a gargantuan post-production.

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Space Prairie: Act I (124 min.)

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Looking back and looking forward. (7 min.)

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Opening scene of Space Prairie: Act I

“The horse and buggy once propelled man to new horizons.
Now, light speed and the rocket aids his flight.”

—Space Prairie opening title
A rocket soars as needle through silk.

Act I Poster

Teaser Trailer

Theatrical Trailer

“She needs a little bit of Earth out here in the middle of this space prairie.”

—Marion Angus
Marion Angus in Space Prairie: Act I

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