A frolicking sci-fi adventure, a decade in the making.
A pioneer family face strange visitors on a remote planet — a film of romance, robots, and the will to survive.

Space Prairie:
Act I

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Thomas Clark, an interplanetary taxman, lands on a prairie world colonized by the cantankerous pioneer farmer, John Angus. They quarrel over money matters until their affections for Lily Angus, the daughter of the Angus family, leads to a frantic brawl. Meanwhile, Jack and Janice Knight—two heavy-hearted settlers—sight a troubling anomaly in the starry skies above their prairie home.

Behind the Story

Shot on dozens of video cassettes with an ensemble of dear friends, Space Prairie has been in the works since April of 2013 and was mostly filmed in the summer of 2015. Since then, it has remained a gargantuan post-production effort.

The first half of the film, Act I, enjoyed its public debut on April 19th, 2019 for a one-time screening during Illinois Central College’s Arts Week in East Peoria, IL. Act II is progressing steadily, and the entire film will eventually be released for you to see.

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Opening scene of Space Prairie: Act I

“The horse and buggy once propelled man to new horizons.
Now, light speed and the rocket aids his flight.”

—Space Prairie opening title



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